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The Big Miniature LEGO Launch & Sales Weekend

18-19 december 2021

Location: IDFX, Veilingkade 8, Breda.

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Thank you for visiting my official LEGO website! My name is Jordy Koevoets, born in 1984 and living in The Netherlands. I am a professional fine artist and a big fan of LEGO. Since 2019 I have combined my artistic process with my interest in LEGO. I design unique miniatures inspired by iconic art works, using only original LEGO bricks. With these builds I try to bridge the gap between art world and people who are not too familiar with art. The plastic brick is proven to be an effective and playful tool to connect opposite worlds. Besides these educative and somewhat idealistic intentions, all my self-made miniatures are tributes too. Little tributes to legendary artists who really made the difference with their ideas and works of art.

To make these miniatures I work by a set of strict rules. Firstly, I am only allowed to use original LEGO-bricks. Second, the featured original art work must be iconic. Third, the use of glue and scissors are absolutely forbidden. Fourth, no alien additions are allowed. Only custom-made prints on real LEGO items can be added on the condition that these prints are crucial and no other solutions are satisfying. Last but not least: the final design must be as mall as possible, preferably minifig scale. This miniature claim makes it even harder, because the smaller the intended outcome, the more difficult it gets!

The chosen art works range from the early 20th century till now. No art discipline, movement or media is excluded on forehand. Nevertheless, one art work is more attractive to me than others. There must be a click when I see a potential work of art. It is like falling in love. If sparks fly, fundamental building questions do pop up immediately. Can I make it with LEGO? What is the essence of this work? And what are crucial characteristics (like colour and proportion) that I need to capture? An imaginary construction plan unfolds and notes are written on photoprints of the chosen art work. When these preparations are done it is time to start building!

Although LEGO has thousands and thousands of different items, from traditional straightforward bricks to very complex shapes, and with colours ranging from basic to shiny metallic and pastel shades, it is still not easy to build just anything. It is this paradox that triggers me, and that offers me a challenge. I regularly encounter seemingly insurmountable constructive obstacles. A whole variety of bricks is used to find the best solution possible. The final outcome of my LEGO-miniatures can range from apparently simple to more complex results. For instance, Malevich’s Black Square is easily transformed into a plane tableau of black and white LEGO tiles. However, a performative art work like Fall II by Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader asks for an immersive setting made with hundreds of bricks and many different building techniques. At this moment my collection consists of approximately 50 unique LEGO miniatures. When all creations are placed next to each other, it is like time traveling through the world of art.

Thanks for joining. Stay tuned for more artistic storytelling LEGO projects and updates on my website. For now, let’s start building!

Jordy Koevoets – Brick Art Stories

Not To Be Repreduced (translated from the original La Reproduction Interdit), by René Magritte, 1937… in LEGO! Including an essential print of the original art work on a tile 2×3 to complete the design.

LEGO-miniature (detail) inspired by the iconic performance Rest Energy, Marina Abramovic and Ulay, 1980.

In the pictures above you see a selection of 33 LEGO-miniatures on display in the exhibition When LEGO Becomes Art in the showcases of library Lochal Tilburg. From 26th of November 2020 till 26th September 2021, With great supportof Kunstloc Brabant. Miniatures inspired by art works from Francis Alÿs, Panamarenko, Marcel Duchamp, Jan Fabre, and Teun Hocks,

2 miniatures – Lobster Telephone in bricks and Fountain in bricks – on display during the group exhibition Benefit For Brabant, at Park Tilburg, The Netherlands. From 8 till 30 of August 2020.

LEGO-miniature based on the intriguing performance of Bas Jan Ader Fall II, 1970. It’s one of three LEGO designs inspired by his oeuvre.

This website will be updated frequently. If you have any questions or remarks, please send me an e-mail: info@brickartstories.com

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